Consulting Services


Business Consulting 

Strategy & Planning​

Set priorities, focus energy and resources toward common organizational goals

Business Cases​ & Value Propositions

Make better business decisions or develop a better sales / marketing strategy

Product Pricing & Analysis

New or existing products, establishing the right price / margin can be challenging

Customer Engagement Planning​

Developing a plan around customer engagement can help create more productive relationships

Strategic Marketing Planning​

Create a snapshot of products or categories against the competitive landscape, profitability and future opportunities

Market Basket​

Leverage data and customer engagement to focus and track progress on selected products and categories

Customer Care Initiatives

Extending customer satisfaction and relationships throughout the product / service lifecycle

Technology / Innovation

Roadmap Planning​

Develop or review a plan of action that aligns the organization around short and long-term goals for the product or category

VOC Planning / Execution

Focus on customer needs, expectations, understandings, and product improvement

Technology Planning / Scouting​

Gain a better understanding of technologies being used in a product category or industry

Quality Audits​

Assess the quality practices and disciplines in place at a facility

Industry Research​

Obtain an outside view of industry direction and emerging trends

Quality Processes

Support training and process adherence surrounding various quality processes (fishbone, 8D, FMEA)

Project Management

Support for NPD or product enhancement initiatives

Brainstorming & Problem Solving

Facilitate meetings & document output

Operations Consulting

Process Documentation

Breakdown of processes and related metrics for identification or validation of improvement opportunities

Test Start-Up / Deployment

Planning and execution of restaurant-level testing of new or enhanced products

Agile Process Planning

Agile planning for early reads on product impact / success potential

Measurement / Experience Visits

Obtain data and assessments of products and experience information at the restaurant level

Infrastructure Assessment

Provide options and considerations for new equipment, processes and platforms

Supply Chain Impact Assessment

Support for analysis of the interface between food, packaging and restaurant processes